Evaluating compliance of enterprises with VNTLAS/OCS requirements

The Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System (VNTLAS) is setting up to apply to all organizations and households who are participating in the timber supply chain in Vietnam. Vietnam Administration of Forestry is finalizing the detailed design and guiding the implementation of the Organisation Classification System (OCS), an inseparable component of VNTLAS.

This assessment helps enterprises in evaluating compliance with VNTLAS/OCS requirements. All of the personal information and details related to business that is collected from this assessment will be guaranteed secret and not provided to third parties.

This assessment has 2 parts that include 98 questions with 72 points in total. The estimated time to complete the evaluation is 45 minutes. To evaluate accurately and efficiently, please read carefully the question before making your decisions. Answers should be based on the real situation of the enterprise to have the most objective views of the enterprise’s response to the Vietnam Timber Legality Definition. This assessment will help the enterprise in self-assessment their enterprises according to the OCS in the future. The assessment ‘s result will be demonstrated after the required information is fulfilled by the enterprise. The results from the assessment will be sent to the enterprise by email. 


















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