Organisations classification system and risk-based verification

The Organisations Classification System (OCS) is an integral component of the risk-based verification under VNTLAS.

The purpose of the OCS is to: (i) assess the risk level of all Organisations under VNTLAS with regard to their compliance with VNTLAS requirements in order to apply appropriate verification measures in an effective, efficient and timely manner; (ii) assess the legal compliance of Organisations with respect to static and dynamic verifiers as specified in the LD; and (iii) to reduce administrative procedures and to facilitate the production and business activities of organisations and to encourage Organisations to comply with the law.

The OCS shall apply to all Organisations in the VNTLAS supply chain.

Criteria and risk categories

Organisations are classified based on the following criteria:

(i) Compliance with dynamic supply chain control verifiers to ensure that only legal timber enters the supply chain (as defined in Section 4.1);

(ii) Fulfilment of supply chain control declaration and reporting requirements (as described in Section 6.5);

(iii) Compliance with static verifiers (as defined in Section 4.1);

(iv) Record of violations (as described in Section 11).

Viet Nam shall consider how voluntary certification schemes, voluntary due diligence and chain-of-custody systems recognized under VNTLAS can be integrated into the OCS methodology.

On the basis of these criteria, Organisations are classified into two risk categories:

  • Category 1 (compliant): Organisations that meet the criteria;
  • Category 2 (non-compliant): Organisations that do not fully meet the criteria or newly established Organisations.



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