Supply chain control


Supply chain control aims to prevent the entrance of illegal timber or unverified timber into the VNTLAS supply chain. To achieve this overarching goal, the supply chain control system ensures that:

  1. All Organisations involved in any stages of the timber supply chain are registered in the OCS;
  2. All Organisations in the timber supply chain registered in the OCS report to the Forest Protection agencies according to legal requirements;
  3. Supply chain reports are compiled and reconciled by Forest Protection agencies to identify any suspicious timber flow;
  4. Systematic, random and ad hoc physical checks by the Forest Protection agencies ensure that timber is consistent with the content of the corresponding documentation as declared by Organisations and Households, including in terms of (i) number of items, (ii) volume, and (iii) class of timber and/or species, at all stages of the supply chain;
  5. Identified suspicious timber flows are investigated by the Forest Protection agencies;
  6. Supply chain control is based on the documents required in the Timber Product Dossier at each stage of the supply chain, as specified in Appendix 2 of Annex V.

Compliance with supply chain control verifiers and supply chain reporting requirements are criteria under the OCS as specified in Section 5 and Table 2 of this Annex V.

Appendix 2 of this Annex V specifies requirements for reliable management of information associated with the timber product dossier at the different critical points of the supply chain.



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