Responsibilities of relevant actors in the OCS

1. Responsibilities of Organisations

All organisations in the supply chain are responsible for registering with the OCS and submitting Self-assessment according to the specified criteria to the Provincial FPD or other entities authorized by the Government for appraisal.

Organisations shall conduct periodic self-reassessment as described in Table 3 and submit the Self reassessment to the Provincial FPD or other entities authorized by the Government for appraisal.

2. Responsibilities of Government agencies

The Government of Viet Nam assigns the Central FPD and Provincial FPD to have overall responsibility for the organisations classification and risk-based verification system

The Central FPD has responsibility for:

  • Preparing implementation guidelines on the organisations classification system based on regulations issued by the government;
  • Creating and managing the centralized organisations classification and OCS database;
  • Managing the centralized database of violations of the Law on Forest Protection and Development;
  • Deciding on the risk category status of organisations based on the appraisal results notified by the Provincial FPD or other entities authorized by the government;
  • Publicizing and updating the list of organisations in each risk category on the FPD website.

The Provincial FPD or other entities authorized by the government has responsibility for:

  • Receiving the self-assessment of organisations registering into the system and Appraising the self-assessment;
  • Re-assessing the classification status of organisations as specified in Table 3 of this Annex V;
  • Monitoring compliance of Organisations with the classification criteria in a timely manner through documentary and field checks to detect any non-compliance and to propose to the Central FPD any change in the category status of Organisations from category 1 to category 2;
  • Liaison with other provincial government agencies and verification entities to verify the compliance status of organisations;
  • Reporting the results of the appraisal to Central FPD for decision and public announcement by Central FPD.
  • Reporting to the Central FPD any non-compliance cases by Organisations in the assessment period which shall be managed and maintained in the Organisation classification and OCS database by the Central FPD.




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